The queue is building…

August 31, 2009
By Frances

So I’ve got a decent list of things I’ve got to do, and it’s hard for it not to be panic-inducing. There’s the weekly Lighthouse updates, as well as getting this site up and running with enough content. Then I’m hoping to go to graduate school, and I haven’t filled out an application or written an essay in over a year. Plus the idea of asking for recommendations is freaking me out. Then there’s the never-ceasing job hunt.

The first book of Lighthouse is almost done, so I’m planning to take a much-needed a two week break between the first and the start of the second. That’ll be devoted to my applications, which include short stories that I haven’t edited in more than a cursory fashion in a year-plus. The Lighthouse site will still be updated with Pneuma excerpts and bits from book 2.

Basically to sum up — if you have the idea of going to graduate school, it’s best to apply while you’re still in college, before you forget how to suck up to the academic board and it’s hard to recall the names of your professors.

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