Life Update!

May 6, 2010
By Frances

Hello everyone! I’ve been sadly remiss lately, and while there is no excuse I’m going to do my best to provide one anyway.

I’ve recently applied and been accepted to a Master of Fine Arts program for Creative Writing in New York. I’m pretty pumped about this, but as a result my focus has shifted to completing Pneuma as a TV pilot and working on fiction of a non-fantasy bent. However, this series is not far from my thoughts and I am working on the third update as well.

For now the TV script sample I’ve posted today will have to suffice… but it’s quite a juicy sample! Characters and places that have yet to be introduced in the web series make their debuts in the script, and I hope you’ll comment on what works and what doesn’t.

Please keep this series in your thoughts, patient readers! I believe very deeply in this series and have not abandoned it in the least. I will keep you updated on my schooling as well – no reason we all can’t learn a bit, right?

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